Trend: the timeless image of the snake

The snake motif regularly returns in jewelry, either as a primitive symbol or as an interpretation of this unique reptile image. Many contemporary designers use this motif in their creations, but jewelry with snakes has been present since the dawn of civilization.

Throughout history, the snake has had many different meanings. Ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs worshiped snake gods and believed they symbolized knowledge and protection. Snakes are also ubiquitous in the myths of ancient Greece and Rome: due to their ability to shed their skin, they were seen as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. If we return to a more contemporary cultural context, we must mention Queen Victoria, because she was the first to introduce the fashion for snake-shaped rings – such jewelry was bought by her future husband, Prince Albert, for her engagement. As a result, these wedding rings have become extremely popular.

Jewelry houses still create “snake” jewelry, and it seems that the image of this animal is not influenced by capricious fashion. Although there are many jewelry interpretations of this motif, each designer creates his own, thanks to his individual aesthetics and selection of materials.


Bulgari’s Serpenti collection is undoubtedly one of the iconic examples of the snake image in jewelry design, with new creations added every year. Turbogas necklaces and watches have never gone out of fashion over time, thanks in part to their famous Art Deco interpretation of snake scales. The Italian jewelry house draws attention not only to the sinuous shape of the reptile’s body, but also to its shapely head, creating a recognisably refined silhouette.


In second place, after Serpenti, is the Serpent Bohéme collection by Boucheron. It is much more discreet and less literally recreates the image of a snake using finely engraved gold leaf, gemstones and faceted minerals. Designer David Webb is also known for his snake-inspired jewelry. The Animal Kingdom collection includes a bracelet – a bright enameled snake wrapped around a large engraved sapphire – and a matching diamond ring.

Pasquale Bruni

The Look at me Pasquale Bruni series consists of a ring, bracelet and earrings referring to the snake motif. The pieces are made of yellow gold and contain elegant diamonds. The success of the snake image in the jewelry industry is due in part to its shape, which allows the creation of jewelry that wraps around the fingers, wrists and neck.


Matiere47 has created timeless and fashionable jewelry for you: from asymmetric snake-shaped earrings to rings that can be combined endlessly. Our pieces are made of gold and silver and decorated with snakeskin details with the utmost attention to detail.