Learn how we create jewelry in our jewelry studio in Warsaw’s Wola district.

Passion and experience

We opened our jewelry studio in 2017 in Warsaw’s Wola district. Since then, we have shared our experience and love for traditional craftsmanship, bringing to life the creative visions of our clients. Now it’s time for our own project – Matiere47 is a Polish jewelry brand, which is the fruit of years of experience in working with metal, as well as a passion for original design.

Arts & Crafts

In the creative process, we combine the classical jewelry school with the most modern technologies. We design in 3D, use the most advanced method of jewelers’ wax milling, and the wax models themselves are created on high-precision CNC machines. At the same time, the highest quality of rings, earrings and necklaces created in our atelier is also the result of the handiwork of experienced jewelry designers and jewelers.

Quality and tradition

We work with sterling silver, whose plasticity allows us to perfectly reproduce the most sophisticated designs. At the same time, this raw material is very durable, so we can be sure that our jewelry will please for many, many years. We believe that our everyday choices can change the world for the better, which is why the silver in our studio is recycled.

We are for you

We want to make dreams come true, that’s why in our workshop we also create custom orders with passion and commitment, such as engagement rings, wedding rings or family heirlooms. We offer a full cycle of jewelry production: from making sketches, through casting, to finishing the jewelry.