Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat Necklace

925 silver, gold-plated with 14k gold

Japanese Prosperity Coin Bracelet on red silk cord

925 silver, gold-plated with 24k gold

Lucky Cat Bracelet on Red Silk Cord

925 silver, gold-plated with 24k gold

Maneki Neko, also called the Lucky Cat, is a widely known symbol of happiness, wealth and good luck, which has its roots in Japanese culture. The word reflects the essence of the talisman: neko – cat, maneku – to lure. The name means “inviting cat”.

The golden cat Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) increases wealth and prosperity, symbolizes success and stability in work and business. It ensures an increase in money turnover, expands the fields of activity, increases sales and attracts customers. The talisman protects against false partners, against hasty and unfavorable decisions, preserves financial happiness, protecting its owner from envy and concentrated money.

Maneki Neko holds a gold oval “koban” (Japanese: 小判) coin worth 1 million in his right paw, which attracts and protects the financial well-being of its owners.

At Matiere47, we came up with the idea to create the Lucky Cat jewelry collection because we create symbolic jewelry with a message. We invite you to check out the bracelets, necklace and original candle from our collection.