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925 sterling silver


925 sterling silver

Matiere47 artistic rings

Welcome to the land of Matiere47 artistic rings.
Discover the mysticism and beauty of nature enclosed in silver.

Our artistic rings are the result of careful observation and true craftsmanship. Timeless designs, the highest quality and durability are our priorities. Thanks to the fact that we consistently follow them, Matiere47’s original jewelry has been popular and the studio has been trusted by customers for many years.

Artistic rings in 925 silver

Over the centuries, the ring has served various functions. It was an ornament, a symbol of social status, a personal seal and, finally, an amulet that was supposed to ensure prosperity and protection against misfortune. This jewelry was made of precious metals, such as gold and silver, and was often decorated with large-sized gems. Today, rings are an inseparable element of fashion that beautifully highlights well-groomed hands, slims fingers and is worn not only on special occasions.

Rings are not only about aesthetics. Some of them, in many cultures, also carry a special emotional charge: for example, wedding rings or engagement rings, which when worn on the finger symbolize love, fidelity and devotion.

Matiere47 artistic rings are small works of art that you can always have with you. It’s a beautiful story carved in metal: we have been working with 925 silver for years, and our unique rings are also available in a 24-carat gold-plated version. All models are available in a wide range of sizes: from 6 to 22, so that each customer can perfectly match the companion of their everyday adventures – artistic rings from our studio are dedicated to both women and men. An artistic ring is also a great gift idea for someone close to your heart – the ordered products are packed in elegant boxes.

Snake ring

For centuries, the snake has been associated with renewal, courage and self-improvement, and in the cultures of some ancient civilizations, this creature symbolized wisdom, and its close presence was supposed to ensure good health. No wonder this exotic motif is so eagerly used in jewelry. A ring with a snake can also be a metaphor for eternal love: the snake’s body, enclosed in the shape of a ring, wrapping itself around the finger creates an endless loop.

Snake rings from the Snake collection are unique designs made with attention to the smallest detail. Perfectly reproduced scales, abdominal stripes and the slender line of the animal make this decoration quickly become your favorite. We proudly present the models:

  • Snake Head
  • Snake Skin

Men’s rings

Rings have always been worn not only by women, but also by men. The history of men’s rings also dates back to antiquity; this decoration has been popular over the centuries, especially in high society. Nowadays, more and more men choose this type of jewelry to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their passion for fashion. We also designed Matiere47 artistic rings with them in mind. Thanks to the fact that we create the products ourselves, you will find rings in many sizes in our store.

How to choose the ring size?

Choosing the right ring size is very important – it will ensure comfort of wearing and prevent accidental loss of jewelry. The best and most accurate way is to seek the help of a professional at a jewelry store, but you can also do it at home.

You can measure the finger on which the ring is to be worn using a strip of paper: cut a narrow strip of paper, wrap it not too tightly around the base of the finger, mark the point where it connects, and then measure its length. Compare your result with the ring size chart.

If you already wear a ring, you can measure its inner diameter using a ruler. Then you just need to find the ring size based on the table that takes into account diameters.

Remember that finger size may change slightly depending on the time of day, temperature or body hydration level – measurements are best taken in the evening.


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