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Matiere47 hanging earrings

Matiere47’s original hanging earrings are a beautiful story about inspiration from nature and a passion for traditional jewelry art. By exploring this category, you will immerse yourself in a world dominated by the highest quality, unconventional designs and intricately reproduced textures. Our earrings are the perfect finishing touch to any unique styling, as well as an idea for a great gift that will allow you to celebrate important moments in the lives of your loved ones.

Each pair of earrings has been designed for both women and men who want to emphasize their individualism and express themselves through fashion. In our studio, we create with passion and commitment. The artists we work with are talented craftsmen who take care of every detail, creating unique decorations of the highest quality. By using traditional techniques and modern production methods, Matiere47 earrings become a combination of aesthetics, good design and durability.

Original hanging earrings

Earrings are a form of jewelry whose history dates back to ancient times. These decorations have been worn by both women and men throughout history, symbolizing social status, wealth and adding splendor to outfits during important ceremonies. Over time, styles, materials and production techniques have evolved, but one thing has remained constant: elegant, dangling earrings made of precious metals are undoubtedly the best way to emphasize style.

Hanging earrings are an exceptionally graceful decoration. Properly designed, they move gently, reflecting light rays and emphasizing the grace of a shapely neck. Their charm lies in the variety of shapes and patterns that allow the wearer to freely express their individual preferences. Long earrings match beautifully with many styles, from everyday, through evening to the most avant-garde.

Treat yourself to sophisticated and extravagant forms that will surely draw attention to you – the original Matiere47 hanging earrings are more than just jewelry – thanks to them, even the simplest styling will acquire a luxurious character.

Silver and gold-plated hanging earrings

We make hanging earrings from 925 silver. We have been working with this noble metal for years – in good hands it rewards us with appropriate plasticity, beautiful shine and durability. We want our designs to best suit the personal tastes of our customers, which is why we also offer each model in a 24-carat gold-plated version.

Our earrings are light and comfortable to wear – they fit perfectly into the ear and will be great fun companions even until dawn.

Snake earrings – Snake collection

We invite you to check out the hanging earrings from the Snake collection, inspired by snakes. These creatures have fascinated people for centuries – both with their appearance and with the powers attributed to them – they symbolize renewal, immortality and constant self-improvement. Snake earrings are a timeless piece of jewelry that remains fashionable regardless of seasonal trends.

Earrings from the Snake collection are small works of art that will add a note of mystery to your styling. Long and slender, they gracefully wrap below the earlobe, accentuating the neck and creating a harmonious angle with the jaw. Carefully reproduced details, such as scales, abdominal stripes or a snake’s head, make our hanging earrings delight with depth and realism. The shapely torso ends with a massive cobra head, which, depending on the model, is directed downwards or upwards.

When browsing the Snake collection, it is easy to notice that each pair of earrings has its own unique story. Check out what inspired our designers to create the models:

  • Desert Snake
  • Garden Snake
  • Two Snakes

Our artistic snake earrings are also an idea for a valuable and exceptionally beautiful gift. We pack each order in an elegant box to make the gift even more impressive and delight the recipient.