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The intriguing and mysterious Snake collection takes us to the magical world of symbolism. Contemporary fashion trends appreciate originality and courage, and this collection perfectly fits into these assumptions. The inspiration for this extraordinary series of jewelry were snakes, which have fascinated people for centuries with their appearance and extraordinary abilities. Reptiles that shed their skin are associated with transformation and healing: in Greek mythology, the snake accompanied Asclepius (Aesculapius), the god of medicine, and still proudly presents itself as a symbol of medicine. Snakes also symbolize renewal and immortality, which makes our collection an excellent choice for people who want to emphasize their strength, independence and constant self-improvement.

The Snake collection consists of several elements, such as:

  • snake earrings,
  • medallion necklaces,
  • snake rings,

Each model combines both classic and modern design. The use of silver as the main material makes the jewelry delight with its subtle elegance and, at the same time, courage and decisive character. Silver, an extremely plastic material, allows for precise reproduction of the shapes and texture of snake skin, which gives the jewelry an extremely realistic look.

The advanced creative process, which includes the design and hand-made snake rings, necklaces and earrings, as well as attention to detail, makes each element from the Snake collection unique. Careful finishing and carefully selected materials guarantee that jewelry from this series will please its owners for a long time, not only with its beautiful appearance, but also with durability. Sophisticated forms, intricate details and captivating elegance – all this makes the Snake collection a perfect complement (or even the main point) of any styling.

The Snake collection will be appreciated by both people who love fashion experiments and those who appreciate classics. The abundance of patterns and forms means that everyone will find something for themselves here. From simple, minimalist rings with a snake to more extravagant earrings – check what we have prepared for you.

Earrings – snakes

Our snake earrings deserve special attention, as their unique design attracts attention and constitutes a strong accent to any styling. Long, slender, they gently wrap around the jaw, emphasizing the shapely neck and creating a beautiful, harmonious shape. Intricately reproduced details, such as scales or a snake’s head, make the snake earrings from the Snake collection not only impressive, but also full of depth and realism.

The earrings are made of high-quality 925 silver, which guarantees their durability and beautiful shine, and are also available in a gold-plated version.

The jewelry was designed with comfort of wearing in mind – light yet solid earrings, perfectly fit the shape of the ear and do not cause discomfort even for many hours.

Snake ring

Fashion is changeable, but snake rings can be considered a timeless classic. The shape of this animal perfectly matches the idea of the decoration – the snake wrapped around the finger creates an effective and expressive accent that emphasizes shapely hands. Intricately reproduced details, such as scales, delight and are the result of the intricate work of an experienced jeweler.

Our snake rings are made of high-quality 925 silver, and 24-carat gold-plated models are also available. This is jewelry dedicated to both women and men – the motif is universal, and at the same time very original and slightly “feisty” – it will perfectly highlight everyday styles, and will also be an elegant addition to styling for special occasions. We also designed them to be combined with other elements of jewelry – they look beautiful, especially when paired with delicate wedding rings.

Snake rings from the Snake collection perfectly fit the shape of the finger, ensuring comfort and stability.

Or maybe a necklace with a pendant? The Snake collection also includes beautiful, subtle necklaces whose design is inspired by snake skin. A solid chain, attention to detail and a universal motif make it a great choice as a gift for a loved one.